Elsmore Social Care Marketing

Select a website that fits your need

A successful website needs a wide range of skills and techniques to bring it to life. 

We offer a profesional safe pair of hands.

Building a new website is not as simple as it may appear.

Your time is valuable and best spent on building your care service.

There are a lot of instant online solutions available to you but to achieve a top quality website it is not as simple as it first appears.

Take up our offer to get the help from a proven professional who can give you a personal service to enable you to get an editable website that truly reflects the quality of your business. Saving you time, money and effort.

Helping you get the best website that fits your needs.

Our approach

It take time and a lot of effort to setup the website.

Working in a quality controlled procedure to ensure that your

expectations are met every time through the following 7 stages.


  • Stage 1 – Project Initiation, approval of proposal
  • Stage 2 – Website planning and preparation including meetings or online discussions to agree way ahead and content
  • Stage 3 – Design website concept graphics / look & feel / navigation
  • Stage 4 – Completion of initial framework setup and build home page.
  • Stage 5 – Website system design, build and implementation
  • Stage 6 – Website system testing
  • Stage 7 – Sign-off
  • Stage 8 – Ongoing support

What are websites include

A tailor made bespoke website that will be designed and managed for you 24/7.

If you want a stunning website then this is the solution for you.  Providing all the following features.

  • Secure wesite hosting
  • Unlimited number of website and mobile pages
  • Includes Elementor full range of page buiding tools.
  • Fully editable on the web using proven Wordpres technology.
  • Blog post pages
  • Includes Yeost SEO basic tools.
  • Image creation
  • Logo creation
  • Management of your website with 24/7 response to any assistance you may need.

Our fees

We provide websites using a simple low cost approach.

Step 1

A standard fee of £840.00 to cover all the time and effort to complete all the stages listed above to up to stage 4.

Step 2

To provide ongoing support for the future my fee is £59.00* per month including the following.

  • Monitor your website on an ongoing basis
  • Make all necessary updates
  • Publish new sitemaps as new pages are created.
  • Ensure that all changes or modifications you require will be made in a speedy manner.

All fees are exclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Alternative plans can be offered subject to negotiation and requirement

Additional website services

To give your website that extra boost and subject to which package you select the following services can be provided at an additional cost.

Always quoted for once we know what your needs are.

  • 24/7 technical hands on support
  • Logo design and creation of images.
  • Purchase of royalty free images.
  • Copywriting
  • Comprehensive SEO both online and offline using Yeost PRO.
  • Extensive page building tools using Elementor PRO
  • SSL certificates for those websites that contain sensitive information.
  • Bespoke website design and build for that extra professional help..

* Following an initial setup charge

** Alternative domains can be provided at an extra cost

Additional hosting services

To create a wesbite it is necessary for you to have a domain hosting account set up with a secure provider.

We can assist you in this and to provide you with the following services

Always quoted for once we know what your needs are.